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MarinaMan’s GT restoration

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Glynn Stewart’s GT

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Cambridge Car Show

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Chris Fielding’s project

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(Pics 1-4)
I was doing some google searches and stumbled on your Austin Marina site – looks good. Just thought I would share some pics of my new project. Its a 1974 Austin Marina Gt which has sat below a tree here in Delaware for the past eleven years. From what I understand only a few were produced for export over here but I have no idea on numbers. Do you? I bought the car locally from a man who deals in used MG parts. The car used to belong to his mother before she died. He has refused to sell parts off it for sentimental reasons but was willing to sell me the whole car as I wanted to make something of it and not break it up. I think they come up for sale here once every blue moon but this one turned up 15 minutes from where I work. Originally the car was Cosmic blue metallic with an Autumn leaf (Brown) interior. I am in two minds as to take it back to the original colour or to go for a Dodge Viper metallic blue. So far I have stripped most of the body of any lights, trim etc, I am waiting on a dealer over here to find me a replacement dizzy and starter. I can turn the crank by hand and it ran when it was parked but I want to hear the engine run before I pull it to start repairing floorboards.

As I grew up in England (I came here at 24 and I am now 28) I can use family over there to find and mail anything I cant get over here, the car is mainly complete but there are some things I need such as rear light trim rings and I would like to replace the window rubbers. Plus I need things such as a carpet set and that one may be an “extra suitcase at Christmas when I go and visit family” job.

If you want to share some of these pics on your site that’s fine with me. Hope you enjoyed looking.

Best Regards,
Chris Fielding
UPDATE (June 25, 2006)(Pics 5 – 8)
Just a couple of pics to show you how things are progressing. Will be in the paint shop this time next week. I dont want to say “everything else is finished” until the car is back together and I know what does and doesnt work properly, but the car now runs and drives fine.

I will send you some more pics as things are closer to completion.


Ken Roy’s remarkable collection (he’s from NZ)

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Matt Bennett’s 4 dr

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The website looks great!  Here are some pics of my Marina named Phyllis with the mountains of North Vancouver in the background.  The odometer is at the time where it flipped for the first time (past 99999 that is).
Matt Bennett
1975 Marina (automatic, 4 door)

Ron Murphy’s 4 dr

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This is the condition of Ron’s car just as he purchased it from the scrap yard!  So keep your eyes peeled!


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