Dave Broadley’s Morris Marina rally car

Dave Broadley’s Morris Marina rally car (lastminuterallying@hotmail.com)

Basically it’s a ’72 shell that was bought as scrap and re-built using bits from 3-4 cars that I had. The reason for using a Rover SD1 engine is that they’re worth nothing 2nd hand and fit in quite easily giving a reliable 102bhp and loads of torque.  The car now handles properly, future plans include a panhard rod to prevent sideways axle movement and a 4 bar setup with coilovers. I also plan to fit coilovers on the front and a hydraulic handbrake. I also have another cylinder head with a Piper 285 camshaft fitted which will go on eventually.

There’s some rally reports where we’ve used the Marina on our club website (www.lincslouthmc.co.uk) and some pictures on our MSA website (www.msauk.org/club/llmc).

Engine – 2 litre Rover SD1 engine running on twin HIF44 SU’s fitted 4-2-1 manifold with and oil cooler and a larger radiator with electric fan

Gearbox – Marina 4 speed

Diff – 4.1:1 which gears it right down for acceleration on back lanes (not ideal for long distance driving)

Front suspension – Telescopic shocks, Double ARB extra -ve camber

Rear suspension – lowered 1 1/2″ and fitted with an anti-roll bar, soon to have anti tramp bars (RS2000 style) or 4 bar setup.

Brakes – Princess calipers & drilled discs on front and std drums on rear.

Wheels – 5.5×13 Weller 8 spokes with 185/60×13 tyres or Montego 5.5×14 steels with 185/65×14

Exhaust – custom made with 2 1/4″ tubing and a single Jag V12 silencer

Interior – Mk2/3 dash with Ital clocks and 6 point bolt in roll cage with door bars

Other – Sump guard (heavy duty!), Interior map lights, extra guages for oil pressure and volts, Hella Rallye 3000FF spot lamps.

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